Golden Age of Piracy - Chapter Decoration


In the making of this site primary source documents or contemporary works were mostly used. Images were taken from scans out of the following works and all reside in the public domain. We only used the research articles to bolster the content and provide additional analysis.

We only cited works that were used for quotations and not for general information. This is a website, not a term paper and this bibliography represents all of the works used to make sure all the facts on this site are correct. In an effort to make this as historically accurate as possible, multiple corroborative sources were used in studying various aspects and biographies of pirate life.

We are in the process of citing all of the images, however every single one on this website exists in the public domain. We used engravings and drawings from contemporary (and even a few not) sources along with historical maps. We are in the process of getting images from present-day recovered artifacts, so keep checking back.

There are also links to copies of the works on sites like Project Gutenberg as well if you wanted to read the historical works and see the original images. If you have any questions or comments along with any suggestions you think we should take a look at feel free to contact us.

Primary Sources

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Secondary Sources

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