Golden Age of Piracy - Chapter Decoration

Post-Spanish Succession Period > 1715 Treasure Fleet

Sunken Treasure Fleet (1715)


The 1715 Treasure Fleet was a Spanish Treasure Fleet that sunk in a hurricane off the coast of La Florida. Seven days after leaving the port of Havana almost all of the ships and massive treasure sunk on July 30th, 1715. Some of the treasure has been recovered since but occasionally people continue to discover artifacts that wash up.

There were about 1,000 Spanish survivors who managed to escape in lifeboats and relayed the message to the crown. The Spanish Empire sent a team to try and salvage the massive amount of wealth lost, however they were about to be interrupted by the earliest members of the Flying Gang who decided to plunder the salvage camp of the Spanish in one of the greatest pirate heists of all time.

This pirate raid on the Spanish settlement was responsible for launching the infamy and careers of Henry Jennings, Samuel Bellamy, and Charles Vane.

The proceeds from this salvage pirate venture allowed them to acquire enough resources to establish the early pirate haven of Nassau.


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