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The Pirate Round


Piracy in the Indian Ocean and the East Indies was not as common as it was in the West Indies or even off the coast of Africa. The principle targets of most pirates were the same as they were when they were privateers, the Spanish, the French, etc... and when the wars ended they usually raided their home country as well. However, the pirates that ventured beyond these usual haunts into the Indian Ocean were usually met with great fortune.

The Pirate Round really began at the closing years of the 17th century. It was during this time the famous Thomas Tew innovated the concept of the 'Pirate Round' in 1693. His innovation was simply to sail around the Cape of Good Hope of Africa and raid ships in the Indian Ocean. His successful first voyage attracted many other pirates to follow in his path. Thus the pirates effectively linked the ports of the Caribbean with the Indian Ocean.

First Pirate Round

See First Pirate Round

Second Pirate Round

See Second Pirate Round

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