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John Julian


John Julian (1701 - 26 March 1733) was one of the first recorded freed slaves in the West Indies and was a known associate of Samuel Bellamy. He is best known as the pilot of the ship Whydah and was a half Miskito Indian. Bellamy was known to have had about 30 to 50 pirates of color on his ship and they were all treated as equals, a practice that all pirates would adopt.

John Julian was one of the only survivors of the Whydah wreck in 1717 that killed Bellamy and most of his crew. He was brought to jail in Boston but was never put on trial. At this time many of the slaves that were pirates would not be put on trial as they could be sold back into slavery and provide a benefit as free labor until they died anyways.

Julian was purchased by John Quincy, the grandfather to the future President of the United States of America named John Quincy Adams. Julian the Indian as he was known was not a cooperative slave and was sold to another owner after several escape attempts. He continued his escape attempts until he killed a bounty hunter trying to track him down and he was captured by the authorities.

Julian the Indian's Execution Newspaper Article - Boston Weekly Rehearsal (March, 1733)

Julian was executed on 26 March 1733 for the murder of the bounty hunter.

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