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Also See Libertatia

Libertalia was a pirate haven that was supposedly established by James Misson however, some people debate its existence. According to Charles Johnson in his primary source document A General History of Pyrates, Misson established the colony with the sailors of his ship some 40 French and English and 15 Portuguese.

He called the new pirate kingdom Libertalia and started calling his new people Liberi in order to distinguish them from the colonial divisions. The first thing Misson did was build a ford on each side of the harbor making an octagon. From there they mounted the 40 cannons taken off the Portuguese ship and began to build a fortification to protect their harbor. Some of the pirate settlers went inland to collect supplies and they began building huts about 4 leagues from the fort and then began exploring further inland when they came upon a native male.

The pirates brought the native back to their fledgling city and entertained him for three days before bringing him back to where they found him and leaving him with a piece of scarlet baze and an axe, for which he seemed overjoyed. They further went on to meet the entire village of natives known as the Mahometans.




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