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A brigantine is a type of sailing ship that contains two masts and a full square rigged foremast and at least two sails on the main mast including a square topsail and a gaff sail mainsail behind the mast. The main mast is also the second and tallest of the two masts. There is also a lack of lateen sails as well. Brigantines come in various sizes between 50 and 200 tons and are generally larger than a sloop or schooner but smaller than a brig.

Brigantines were popular pirate ships simply due to their popularity in the New World. During the colonial period it was the second most popular type of rigging for a ship before 1775, with the most common being the sloop. However, a brigantine has many advantages over a sloop or a schooner such as being faster and more easily maneuverable which proved very helpful in the West Indies. For this reason brigantines were popular in piracy.


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Often brigantines are confused with brigs given that they basically have the same name. This used to be true in the 18th century when the word brig was used as a shortened version of brigantine. However, eventually it came to define an entirely different kind of sailing ship which is distinguished by the gaff-rigged mainsail and a much different sail combination in general.

In addition to a different sail combination the main past of a brigantine is made from two parts and equal that of a schooner which has a long mast and a top mast. In comparison the brig is made from three parts and is more equal to a full rigged ship which has a mast, a topmast and a topgallant mast. Since the invention of metal masts the distinction between these two ships no longer exists in the modern era.

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