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David Marteen (1663 - 1665) was a Dutch buccaneer based out of the haven at Tortuga at the height of the Buccaneering Era. He is first recorded as a captain of a ship responsible for raids on the Yucatan peninsula between 1663 and 1665. It is likely he ended up at Port Royal after this because Marteen commanded a ship during Henry Morgan's raids along with captains John Morris, Captain Jackham and Captain Freeman that were commissioned by governor Thomas Modyford.

When the buccaneers reached the Grijalva River Marteen was responsible for leading the invasion force for 50 miles to the city of Villa Hermosa. The buccaneers successfully plundered the city but as they returned to the coast with their loot they realized a Spanish Costa Guarda had found their ships. The buccaneers engaged the Spanish and managed to recapture two barques and four Indian canoes from them.

Following this Marteen and the buccaneers decided to head back to Port Royal and plundered villages and cities all along the way. The buccaneers arrived back in Port Royal in November of 1665 and Marteen soon found legal employment as a Thomas Modyford.php" title="Golden Age of Piracy - Pirate Hunters">pirate hunter for Modyford and Morgan. Not much is known about Marteen's exploits after this. It is rumored that he and some buccaneers built a haven at Connecticut Colony near the Farmington River. While there they were wiped out in 1676 during King Philips' War but his settlement has yet to be found by archaeologists or the many treasure hunters who try.

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