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Peter Harris


Peter Harris (?? - 3 May 1680) was a British buccaneer and one of the captains of the Pacific Adventure along with Bartholomew Sharp, Richard Sawkins, John Coxon and Edmund Cook. The expedition was responsible for plundering the town of Santa Marta on 25 April 1680 and setting fire to it before leaving. They then rowed in canoes downstream to the Pacific Ocean. They reached the port city of Perico on 3 May of 1680 and encountered many Spanish ships.

The buccaneers engaged the Spanish ships and Harris along with twenty others were slain in the conflict. The buccaneers eventually overcame the Spanish and sack and looted the city. There was also another Charles Harris that is the nephew of this Charles Harris that was a buccaneer between 1684 and 1685.

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