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Marquis de Maintenon


Charles François d’Angennes, Marquis de Maintenon (December 5, 1648 – before April 2, 1691) was a French nobleman who became a buccaneer in the Caribbean and who sold his castle and title to Madame de Maintenon.He was the son of Louis d’Angennes de Rochefort de Salvert, Marquis de Maintenon et de Meslay, and Marie Le Clerc du Tremblay, and as oldest son, he inherited the title of Marquis de Maintenon.He chose not to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and joined the Navy in 1669.In 1670, Charles d'Angennes sold his title to Françoise d'Aubigné, who later married King Louis XIV of France.He arrived in the same year in the Caribbean on La Sybille, of which he took command in 1672 after the death of its captain.He joined the expedition against Curaçao and attacked British ships near Saint-Domingue. He returned to France in 1673 but sailed again to the Caribbean in 1674.In October 1675 he left Nantes as commander of the Fontaine d'Or, (24 cannons).End 1676, he gathered a fleet of 10 ships with 800 buccaneers and attacked Isla Margarita and Cumaná.He became Governor of the island of Marie-Galante (1679–1686).In 1681 he obtained the monopoly of the trade between Venezuela and France and hunted down his former buccaneer allies on the French Navy ship La Sorcière.After 1686 he lived in Martinique with his family where he died in 1691.He married Catherine Girauld de Poincy and had 4 children.

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